Friday, November 21, 2003

I AM A Star. An evil clown star; a good husband star; a pleaser of Irene; buyer of fantastic gifts. I am a lover & a killer. I AM AN EVIL CLOWN GOD!!!

As you can probably guess, the anniversery went extremely well. I'd almost given up hope of being able to provide a good suprise for her, but things went much better than I'd ever hoped.

5.00pm. Irene got home early. She'd been in meetings for the day, so a quick neck massage, a single rose, and a glass of champagne were presented to her. She smiled at me, asked where we were going out. Normally, I'd tell her, but this time I faked blankness.

"Our Anniversary", she said.
"Oh." I said, "I'd forgotten."
She didn't believe me.

5:35pm, I bought out the necklace. 24Caret Gold, and the filiment on it is so thin that on a tanned person, you wouldn't be able to see it at all. Each link of the chain spells out one letter of her name, followed by one letter of mine. It's an awesome work of art, and as fragile a piece, you'll never see.

6:00pm. The taxi arrived, and it was time to go out for a meal. I'd arranged a table at a morrocan restaraunt on the west side, and so we didn't do the whole "conversation running out" thing, I'd invited a number of her friends from work. She loved it. It wasn't as cosy as an anniversary should be, but she had a great time.

10.00pm. Back home, and some more Champagne, and then (for her), to bed. She told me she had a fantastic time; that it had been the best anniversary ever.


Afterwards, when I went out hunting, I made sure that each kill was quick and painless. Irene would have preferred it that way. Five victims, and I engraved each letter from Irene's name into their backs. She'll never know that I did this for her, but this is the best way I had of telling her much I love her; how much she means to me; how much tonight was just a perfect night.

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to talk to Rachel. The affair MUST stop.