Tuesday, June 22, 2004

ITChick asks ...
My brother might be interested in becoming an evil clown. How does one get into Evil Clown School?

Most people think that it is enough to be simply "Evil" to start training as an evil clown. This is not the case. To become an evil clown, first one must BE a clown. Tell your brother to start at the bottom. Take some juggling classes, borrow a book from the library on Balloon Animals, practice the culinary art of pie making.

ITChick (As if that's your real name). If your brother is serious about this, he must start at the bottom of the ladder. The Brothers are aware of all the major clown courses, and if your brother has aptitude, then he will be approached, and then tested.

Remember, you can put the monster into mime, but you'll never get the mime into monster.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Finally, I have a gmail account. I feel so 7334. If you want to send me email, then write to special.clown@gmail.com. I would prefer it if you also told me where you lived, and what the security code for your alarm system is. (Only Joking - Just send me an email heh.)